Friday, January 18, 2008


It only took me about fifty tries (seriously, it's a hard angle to get on your own) to get a decent shot of the Ergon BD1 on my back. Notice the light cord coming out of the top? It is actually fed through the bladder hose port on the top of the pack. works pretty slick.

Here a couple of pics fo the El clad in the dead sexy new fenders. I need to cobble something for the front fender to get it closer to the wheel but otherwise they went on slick.

Mud flaps and reflectors.

At the same time I also Bonk'd the top tube to protect it from brake lever dings (there were several already) and then I livened it up a bit with some Ergon stickers. I would never typically put stickers on my bikes but with them being on the Bonk film they'll be easy to get off if I ever sell the bike.

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Jason said...

sexy indeed.

Wheels said...

If you had any friends, someone could take a picture for you. The bike looks cool though.

rick is! said...

Wheels, you don't know how right you are. :( want to be my friend?

Wheels said...

Hah, join the club! My friends have 2 wheels and no hands to take pictures either!