Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new links

I've added a few new blogs in the link section recently including the "amigos blog" from the Salsa website, check in there to get the inside scoop on up and coming things from Salsa and occasionally for a chance to give your opinion on a new product. Good stuff. I also added "Gnat", the head honcho at Salsa's private blog. Last, I also linked to a new blog from a guy I occasionally race against here in Maine, Michael Patrick. Michael's story is very cool. Michael has brain cancer and has had two brain surgeries as a result but still manages to go out and compete at an elite level (kicks my butt easily btw). In fact, Michael credits cycling as saving his life. I'm not sure how often he'll post but he is an inspiration.

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Jason said...

Wow Michael's story is unreal.