Monday, January 14, 2008

more boring stuff

More boring commuter news if you're interested (I'm guessing no). Not only did I order up some super manly fenders last week but I also got myself a new, super bright blinky light as well. I might as well tuck my jersey into my tightie whities (under my riding shorts of course) and mount a mirror to my helmet because I'm getting dorkier by the day. Oh, and did I mention I also ordered some reflective stickers for the bike too???

I know that fenders, blinkies and reflective tape aren't going to have you running with the cool crowd anytime soon but anything that helps me get out riding, getting exercise and saving gas is pretty damn cool in my book.


Andy said...

who enjoys the fenders on your bike more, you or the guy behind you :)

sorry 'bout Petey

rick is! said...

I wish I had a guy behind me... wait a minute, I'll rephrase. I wish I rode with others this time of year...all me, all the time.