Thursday, January 10, 2008

A great dog has passed.

We'll miss you Petey.

You didn't always listen,

We couldn't get you to "Come!"

But if we were going for a bike ride,

You were up for the run.

You were such a happy dog,

Master of Drake Hill.

Cruising up and down the street,

Stopping cars at will.

Ambassador of the neighborhood,

Ruler of the bunch.

Meeting neighbors at their driveways,

To eat their leftover lunch.

You were always gentle,

Great with all kids.

and tolerated Chance,

More than anyone did.

This is Brynna's first lesson,

Of a loved one passing away.

She doesn't understand yet,

But will one of these days.

We'll miss you Petey,

The cuddles on the floor.

The warm companionship,

Always meeting us at the door.

And though you're gone,

we won't forget.

What a great dog you were,

the best we ever met.

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