Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good stuff

Yesterday I was unable to do my typical Tuesday commute for two reasons. 1. I forgot my winter riding shoes at the in-laws on Saturday (stupido!) and 2. I needed to get to bikeman to pick up my chick magnet fenders and blinky light after work. With that in mind, I skipped out of work a tad early and headed to the shop and picked up my goodies and all I've got to say is DAMN are those some huge fenders! I had fenders on my Van Dessel before giving it to my bro for Christmas but those were normal size fenders. Kind of what you would expect on a bike. These new fenders, because they are for 29'er with large tires, are gi-normous. Regardless, I was able to mount up the front last night and will do the rear tonight so that I'll be slush and grit free for my commute on Thursday. Just in time for the roads to be perfectly dry I might add. I also got my new blinkie set up (as if that takes any time) and got to do the in-house test. After Marcy, B and I woke up from our epileptic fits, cleaned up the drool and vomit and regained our composure I can honestly say that it is the brightest blinkie I've ever used. If a car runs over me now its because they were trying to...

Because of the missed ride and the fact that we picked up 10" of fresh powder on Monday I also got out for 1:15 or snowshoeing with with pooch. There is nothing like a hike in fresh snow under a bright moon to make a day complete.

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