Friday, January 25, 2008

common refrain

I've been super busy at work again (hmmm, don't think I've said that before!) and put in another 12+ hour day yesterday, worked until after 8pm on Wednesday etc. The sad thing is that it looks like things will be this way for the next 18 months (when my current project will be done). I certainly won't be working 12 hrs a day, every day, but there will be many, many days like that. I'm not happy. Those hours really cut into family time, relaxation time, bike time and, of course, blog time. When push comes to shove, the blog is the first to suffer but the blog's loss is your gain since you won't feel compelled to read it if I haven't written any worthless drivel.

Continue to enjoy!

1 comment:

Jason said...

yet I check every day for drivel Damn you Rick Nelson. Damn you to hell! Or heck. Whatever. Throw some twigs and straw structure together and make with the blog. Grrrr! ;)