Monday, December 03, 2007

bitch slap

Lobsterville is currently getting hammered with snow. They're calling for up to 18" along the coast here. This would be primo riding during the day today if I didn't have to work. F! I'm guessing that by the time I get home the snow will be so deep that riding won't be possible. I'll be keeping the fingers crossed. Also on today's slate is a training session for spin class. A few weeks ago I was asked to train so that I could fill in and eventually lead some classes. In truth, I haven't done a spin class in about 6 years but I do enjoy them and they are a good kick to the junk training wise so I look forward to adding them to my weekly training itinerary. Trainer rides are getting fewer and fewer. Now THAT'S good news. So anyway, the training class is supposed to be this evening but I'm guessing it will be cancelled since the snow isn't supposed to stop snowing until tonight.

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