Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cross training

This time of year it's time to find new and creative ways to get exercise while getting outside with the family. They're nice enough to ignore my obsessive compulsive biking during the summer so when fall rolls around it's time to give back a bit while still keeping the paunch from growing. A couple of weekends ago we went to a farm where they have a fall kids type fair set up with slides, hay bales, bouncy tents etc. This year they also had these bad boys. They're basically 4-wheel big wheels and they totally kick ass. We whipped around the track for several laps with a buddy of mine and his daughter.

I firmly believe in the "rubbin is racin" mantra and had to let Tim know we were back there to set up...

...the decisive move to the inside.

I can SO see myself buying a few of these and setting up a quasi off-road track in our backyard so that we can drink a few brews and hack around with minimal risk of killing each other. I can only imagine what my brothers and I could do on these things, bring your kids and pets inside!
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Wheels said...

Are those things pedal powered? Man that looks like fun! Nice move for the win.

rick is! said...

yep, pedal powered and ready to rip.