Sunday, September 30, 2007

pretty good weekend

Wrapping up a pretty good weekend up here in lobstaville usa. After some end-of-week-gods-wrath-downpours it was nice to see some nice weather roll in for the weekend. The pooch and I started it off nicely with a Saturday morning mountain bike ride. We got it close to 2 hrs on the local snowmobile doubletrack. Last year I rode those trails so much I couldn't stand to ride them anymore but this year my rides here were so infrequent that it was kinda nice to roll there twice this week. It also helps that there isn't a trace of mud anywhere despite the end of week rains.

Damariscotta USA's finist doubletrack

Saturday afternoon we got our fair on and headed down to the Cumberland County Fair. It was really small and kind of lame but still fun since it was the first real fair that B has been to. She refused to go on any rides but she did like seeing all of the animals and the maracas I bought for her from the kind mexican fella.

Pic just prior to the gut wrenching wailing.

B seems intimidated by the KKK sheep.

Today was supposed to see myself and B hitting the road together (by her request yesterday) but the little scamp slept so damn long during her afternoon nap that by the time she was consious again it as pretty much dinner time. Oh well, at least she wanted to ride at one point this weekend. Maybe next time. At least I was able to get some bike maintenance in the form of replacing a broken spoke on the dos while she was napping.

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Marcy said...

Okay...I have to add to this post: B did ask to go on the giant slide but changed her mind 1/2 way down.