Monday, August 20, 2007

Hampshire 100

The first annual Hampshire 100 was this weekend and it kicked ass. The weather was perfect in the high 60's, the course rocked and I had a blast. I managed 6th overall and 1st in expert SII. Despite a horrendous fall and getting lost, Andy pulled off a solid 2nd in SII. Nice job but his bike has seen better days. As usual, I don't have time for a proper race report so here's an abbreviated version.

Camp Nelson. The rolling toaster makes a fine tent. I slept like a log.

The expert podium. Check out my triumphant hands jambed in pants.

A much better heart rate over the course of the event compared to the Wilderness 101.

The course.

More course info can be found on my page at Motion Based. Check it.
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Jason said...

way to go! way to kick ass!

rbilson said...

Nice job Rick. What model GPS do you use? I'm digging the data/maps.

rick is! said...


the edge 305 with heart rate. it works well but the battery life falls somewhere in the 7-10 hour range so it will crap out before the end of longer races.