Friday, August 31, 2007

Down for the count and the death of a hero

Well, I'm sick again. Must be the fifth time this summer. I'm not sure whats going on inside me this year but this is definitely the most I've been sick since I can remember. At least since B started daycare. Man, those days sucked!

It all started Wednesday. Marcy and I met up after work to check out a new place to ride just a few miles from where each of us work. It turned out to be a pretty kick ass trail system with some smooth/buff singletrack and some that is super technical with 30' drops down to the rocks lining the shore. Very good butt pucker riding. Marcy and I had a lot of fun but, unfortunately, during the ride I started to get a sore throat so instead of hitting the trails to get back home I decided ride home with Marcy and B to spend the evening with them. By the time I woke up my throat and head hurt so bad I wanted to kill myself. Unfortunately, (again) I'm so busy at work I was forced to head in anyway even though all I wanted to do was sleep on the couch.
Thankfully, I made it through the day, got some good sleep last night and this morning I feel like I'm on the mend. I hope so because we have an action packed weekend ahead of us. B's 2nd birthday party is Saturday, a race on Sunday and kayaking/picnicing on Monday.
And to top things off, I saw this pic of fellow Mainer Adam Craig over on Nick Martin's blog and I've gotta say, that dick broom (Nick's term) Adam is sporting is about as bad as it comes. Sure, this pic was taken during an 80's party but the Craigster has been growing that beastly thing for a month or so now. Like the glasses though.


Jason said...

Can we not say "Dick Broom"? How 'bout "Muffin Brush" or "Clam Scrapper"? Damn!

Sorry you're sick dude. Ride hard, have kids, get sick. That's pretty much the rule. I'm sure I'll be sick within the week too.

Hang in there start growing that D.B.!


p.s. I just dragged you blog into the "flagged" zone didn't I? Sorry.

rick is! said...

wait til you hear about this weekends race!