Friday, August 10, 2007

couple of w101 photos

Pre-race happy bikes.

My mug about 20 minutes after the race. I look like I want to curl up under a rock and die. Question: when did my beak get so crooked?

Question #2: what the f is up with blogger putting all of my paragraphs together? It makes reading the blog even more painful than usual.

Question #3: for you experienced ultra dudes. Is it normal to have slabs of skin peeling off your ass after a 100 mile race? Hypothetically of course.
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Jason said...

I find it normal to "peel" in butt cheek area. "Slabs" might be abnormal though.

I thought the giant paragraph post was an attempt at stream of conscience writing to bring attention to the mental anguish of a 100 mile mtb race.

Actually I was though WTF??


rick is! said...

yeah, it was an abnormal amount of ass meat. thankfully its all gone now and i'm as smooth as a baby's bottom again, though a bit hairier.

paragraphs are fixed now. not sure how but blogger got it worked out I guess.