Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Still not much to say today. I do have a couple laps on this weekend's race course followed by the group road ride planned for tonight. Coming off of the illness and with the race this weekend I figured it wouldn't be wise to try to pull off a 4+ hour ride today so this 3-3.5 hour jaunt will hopefully be more suitable.

On Friday, Marcy, myself and my two brothers are heading down to Portland to see Tool in concert. If they're anything like Disturbed was live than it'll be a kick ass time. The White Stripes are also coming to town and I'm considering getting tickets for them as well but that would make three concerts in less than 8 months which is totally out of character for me. We'll see.

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Wheels said...

Hope you got your planned rides in. The Bowl slapped me silly and threw me to the ground on the frickin' climb! Switchbacks are challenging, switchbacks with wet roots, rocks at ridiculous angles make me want to curl up on the couch and watch bowling. I'm looking forward to riding your wheel Saturday to show me the way!

rick is! said...

my first lap yesterday was the same, the climb was super tough. The second went pretty well with me cleaning 95% of it. To put things in perspective, last week I was able to ride 100% easily when it was dry. The weather over the next few days will be key.

Wheels said...