Monday, July 16, 2007


A race report will be coming soon but here's the skinny.Started strong and was holding second overall over halfway in the second of 4 laps but cut the sidewall of my front tire on a sharp rock. After close to a total of 5 minutes of fixing (on two occasions) I had dropped to 7th (the first three of us had a big gap to the rest of the field). I chased back on the final major climb of the day and picked of two guys but I'd suffer mightily for the effort and go into damage control for the rest of the lap finishing a somewhat disappointing 5th overall/2nd in my age group.

Here is a photo to sum up the suffering for the day. Its of a friend of our's, Leslie, who competed in the sport race. She had three laps to do. She came into the finish area with close to four hours under her belt and her saddle hanging from the seat bag. Damn, that must have been a tough last lap!
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Jason said...

way to fight back man! Good job.

rick is! said...

thanks. hopefully soon I'll just have a race that goes well the whole way through! maybe the wild101