Monday, June 25, 2007

Clifford Park short version

Race number two is complete. No time for a full recount now so here’s a brief rundown.

Hella stacked field with a bunch of supa fast regional pros. Finished fourth in age group, 2nd non-pro (3rd non-pro overall I think). For once I felt like I had a handle on the course so that was VERY nice. Probably the best racing I’ve ever been in. Traded spots back and forth with several people including three teammates, MattyD, Big Gay Al, and Kirk Turner. We’d go back and forth on the super technical course each trying to gap the others when they’d bone it in a touch section (of which there were very many). Wheels blew by me on the third lap on his way to wining Vet 1. In the end, MattyD would win that battle with me a few seconds behind. In the final stretch, in sight of the finish line, I also passed Matt Boobar (he who I never beat). I guess he had some sort of pedal issue but he seemed fine as I passed him and I’ll take any victory I can get.

Finished the race strong but toasted, definitely the hardest I’ve gone in a race in a while. This was, no doubt, a result of the jockeying of positions.

In god’s way of punishing me for being me, Boobar got a prize for finishing third in his age group while I got squat for finishing fourth despite finally beating him. Next time Boobar, next time! (This is all in good fun, Boobar seems like a nice guy I’m just tired of getting spanked by him, he beats me sometimes racing too. ha ha)

Oh yeah, did I mention that Matt Boobar is the reigning age group nationional champion in Xterra.


Jason said...

I say score one for the Ricker! good one. I love the name Boobar. A name change is in the works as I type!

rick is! said...

I call him Boobs but I don't think he likes it.

Jason said...

wonder why.
Does he call you "dick"?

rick is! said...

he would if he knew me well.