Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Spreading the love

I’m sorry and you’re welcome for the infrequency of posts recently. I’ve been up to my short and curlies with work and other duties recently and have had little time to post.

I’ve been thinking recently (never a good sign) about the various posting methods of which two are most relevant to me. The first is the blogger who posts something each day regardless of quality just to keep things rolling and keep people checking back everyday. The second is the blogger who posts every few days when he/she actually has something informative and useful to say so although the volume of posts is relatively low, the quality is high. I fall into category 3, infrequent, low quality posts. Best of both worlds if you ask me! Others, like Mr. J.M. fall into another category altogether, frequent posts of good to excellent quality. I don’t like J.M., he makes me feel inadequate.

Ok, back to the task at hand. Sunday was a rocking day on the bike. It started off with an easy spin with my father and bro up at Rancho-de-Nelson. The cool thing about that ride was that it was actually initiated by my dad. When he found out I was coming up, he actually asked to go for a ride. I was amazed because he rides about four times a year. Apparently he really enjoys it but can’t get motivated to go unless I’m around. Of course, I’m more than happy to help when I’m up. My brother, on the other hand, needs to be dragged out kicking and screaming. He seems to have a good time once he’s out there but he’d never go on his own.

After the mountain bike ride, the plan was to ride my bike into the office where I had left my car on Friday. Its about a 50 mile trip on some pretty nice roads so I had been looking forward to it until it was time to go. Some background here. My parents always have a healthy supply of cookie dough ice cream and mountain dew on hand so whenever we’re up there, my inner glutton kicks in and eats and drinks itself silly. Sunday was no different, within an hour of being there I had a can of dew and some ice cream. Needless to say, my gut wasn’t feeling so great. Add to that, I was leaving at 5 pm and didn’t have any real food to eat so I grabbed a handful of Chewey Chips Ahoy (of which there are always plenty on hand) and hit the road. The first 15 minutes were sheer torture and I was just counting the minutes until Marcy drove by so she could pick me up and take my sorry ass home. Soon though, I was feeling better and really cranking along. Enough so that when Marcy did catch me I sent her on home and finished my ride. 2.5 hours and 49 miles later I was at the car feeling surprisingly good.

Tonight I meet up with my buddy Kevin at Bradbury State Park to do a bit of course recon for this weekends enduro race. The course is close to 30 miles so we won’t hit it all but I hope to hit a bunch and get back into the mtb groove for the weekend. The Dos is still at the doctor's office so I'll be rolling on the Moto Rapido SS. Its really weird to be rolling little wheels again. It should be fun regardless because Bradbury has some really sweet, buff, rolling trails.

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Jason said...

Thanks, just when I thought I had nothing to say.

Funny how the 26" wheels feel after riding the Dos.
Now they look funny to me.

Later. JM