Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Soul searching

Well, after having a few days to relive the happenings in Sunday’s race, I’ve decided to not be such a crybaby and instead learn a few things from the experience.  For starters, I think I handled the initial mechanical fairly well, I took my time to properly pound on the wheel to straighten it out instead of hurrying which is important.  Whenever I hurry trying to do something during a race I always screw it up so patience is key.  Second, while the wheel debacle was obviously an issue it really shouldn’t have taken me out of the race the way it did.  Unfortunately, by the time I finished my first lap I had mentally checked out and was only really concerned with finishing and therefore didn’t push myself hard enough.  I think now that if I had pushed just a bit harder I may have been able to pick up second place.  Who knows really, all that I do know is that I didn’t leave it all out on the trail and that pisses me off.  Thirdly, I know now (but had suspected) that my climbing isn’t where it usually is for this time of year.  Climbing has always been my strong suit but this years it’s a bit sub-par.  For the next few weeks, I’m going to try to focus a bit more on my climbing.  Fourthly (I think I just made that up), I had a pant-load of asparagus last night and now my pee smells funny.

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Jason said...

I give you HUGE props for going on after the wheel. Shit, I get mentally f-ed after a flat let alone a wheel!

I had whole wheat pasta and vegetables for dinner last night. Now my ______ smells like _______ .