Monday, July 17, 2006

race recap, abbreviated version

Quick race recap here, more to follow this evening.

Race started off well, for about 5 minutes that is, then someone endoed onto my front wheel and tacoed it. After a couple of minutes of beating it on the ground I got it round enough to ride. Wheel was sketchy on the downhills so I took it easy, not pushing too hard. Wanted to quit the race many times but I need the points for the series so soldiered on. Suprisingly, rolled across 3rd in expert senior II but 7th or 8th overall. Not as good as I hoped but good enough considering. The bike will be in the shop this week for a wheel rebuild and a front derailleur installation (more on that later). Gotta run.

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Jason said...

Yikes! Sounds shitty, but also sounds like you salvaged the race somewhat. Good deal. JM