Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good Morning

This morning got off to a good start. I rolled out of bed at 3:45, threw on my kit, grabbed the light and the dog and headed out for some early morning single track action. Recently I have begun occasionally taking the pooch with me riding again and he has been doing surprisingly well considering how much of a dud he’d been earlier in the year. Yesterday I ran out of time to do a post about how great he’s been riding recently and I’m glad I did because this morning he went back to his old ways, immediately taking off within the first few minutes. Instead of sticking around and trying to find him I decided to go on with my ride and he’d either catch up or meet me back at the car afterwards. (He ended up catching me soon after I turned around to head back to the car)

The ride turned out to be a bit sub-par from a lack of energy. Apparently it wasn’t a good idea to head out with no food in my stomach. Go figure. Next time I’ll at least have a bottle of Heed with me instead of plain water. Regardless, it was nice to finally get out in the morning again and get the ole metabolism fired up before sitting my ass in an office chair and slinging design all day. I hope to do the same tomorrow only on the road so that I can get in a more consistent workout since the trails behind my house are just not ridden enough right now to keep the weeds beat back so you can keep a good pace. Earlier in the year before everything started to grow it was pretty good but not so much now. Its still nice to have them back there though so I’m not complaining. OK, maybe a little bit.

A view from the top of the Bowl.

Thursday I’ll be hitting up the Camden Snow Bowl trails again with this guy. Hopefully they’ll have the course marked out so that we can get a good feel for it. If not, I’ll make my best guess and do a few laps just to get re-acquainted with my old turf. As of now, this weekend is looking like its going to be a muggy mess so getting up that climb will be key. If you mess up on one of the switchbacks you may end up walking for a while so I want to have those dialed.

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