Friday, July 07, 2006

checking in

Phew, sorry for the delay, this past week has been a real nutbuster with work, house and family stuff but things are sort of starting to clear up. Over the long holiday weekend (I took Monday off to make it four days) I finally got my arse in gear and started crackin on the bathroom remodel. For some reason Marcy was getting a bit torqued off since its been happening off and on for (she says) nine months. Women, they're never happy! Kidding babe, kidding. Anyway, I got my ass in gear and busted out some serious work on the bathroom, staining and installing the concrete countertop, installing a bunch of trim, pulled out the old counter and sink and did some plumbing (egad!) work. Lots more to do but at least things are rolling now. Hopefully I’ll get another chunk done this weekend, maybe the tile work and the rest of the trim. On a riding note, Marcy was so happy to see me slaving away for hours on end that she practically kicked me out the door a few times over the weekend to get a ride in. If I had known that pulling my weight around here would actually lead to more riding time I would have stepped up a long time ago! ;)

Concrete counter.

One of my rides from this past weekend involved riding from Marcy’s parent’s place on a lake inland to our place. I’ve done the ride tons of times before and wanted to try a new route so I had the gazetteer (maine atlas) spread out on the blanket where I was watching B-Girl during a brief stint out of the water. Apparently Brynna didn’t care for my route choice because she crawled onto the map and proceeded to take a piss all over the page. Thanks sweetie, I love you too. Despite the setback, it turned out to be a great ride with some very nice climbs on some really hot roads. One thing that I was not considering with my training this year is that I do almost no mid-day rides anymore, which means that my body doesn’t seem ready for the heat yet. As a result, I have decided to try to get some more in so that the first hot race doesn’t kick me in the junk. Never want that.

More later because this is seriously cutting into my porn surfing time.


Jason said...

a.m. porn?Hmmm.
I've always been a no beer till noon and no porn 'till after 5 guy. Might give it whirl...


rick said...

its sort of like "there is always room for ice cream" well its definitely always time for porn.