Friday, June 23, 2006

She's back

For various reasons I haven't been able to ride for the last few days so I'm chalking this week up to yet another recovery week. I hope to get in a couple of quick rides in before this Sunday's race to open things up a bit but I'm not too worried, I expect the Dos to make up for any shortcomings I have during the race. If only it could...

Marcy on the other hand was able to do a partial commute home yesterday and in today. She's essentially been off of the bike for two years now so she's working her way back into it slowly. Two summers ago, while pre-riding for a race she fell and severed every ligament in her ankle. It was a totally heinous injury and she ended up being couch ridden for a couple of months and then had many months of brutal therapy to get back to near full mobility. Two years later and it still hurts her. Suckfest. Just when she was starting to get around again after the injury, I had the audacity to get her knocked up. She was able to ride lightly during the pregnancy but not enough to really consider it her comeback. Fast forward another year and she's finally ready to giver another go. Hopefully it goes well because some of my best rides ever have been with Marcy. I truly love riding with her.

Honking her way in this morning, pushing a massive gear to show off for the locals. Posted by Picasa

If you're looking to kill a few more minutes check out this post (ringy) by a former co-worker of mine. Its not bike related but it does involve a fingernail falling off and who doesn't want to read something like that. Funny shit.

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