Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Time is tight right now with work, baby stuff and a car being a bitch so here's a super short post.

The Clifford Park race is this weekend. I'm excited to see how the dos handles the techy course. Last year this course handed me my ass in a sling so hopefully this year I'll be able to return the favor. This dude will be there so I'll be able to measure myself against a Mount Snow podium-er.

Sunday I went to the Snow Bowl, location of race #3 for a pre-ride. Its a new route this year and I'm not sure of the layout yet so I just rode everything that I had time for. 2.5 hours of sweet-ass singletrack. The Dos man handled the trails there. I'm loving this thing more and more every day. Posted by Picasa


Matt DeMeis said...

heh heh. We'll see. It's wednesday post-snow and I still feel like a bag of smashed assholes. I need to go to bed at like 7pm for a week. Looking forward to CP though. Great course. See you this weekend!

rick said...

hey look, you're already getting the excuses lined up! prepare to get beat down, or not, whichever it ends up being.

Matt DeMeis said...

I'll leave the excuse bag at home. How's the soil up there? Still totally messy? Trying to figure out what sneakers I want to run.

rick said...

the soil seems to be pretty good right now although there is a bunch of rain called for late this week. I'd be prepared for wet rocks and roots. I only have one set of sneaks myself so the decision is easy.