Friday, May 19, 2006

the two utes

Man, yesterday was beautiful. We had sunny skies for almost the entire day. It sure was nice to see for a change. Thankfully, I had planned to ride home yesterday and was rewarded with some of the best road riding conditions of the season (apparently I’ve already forgotten how beautiful April was). I time trialed it home and made it in record time despite being on the ss and stopping on one occasion to ask about a house that was for sale on my route. The house just so happens to be in the area that we were thinking of moving to because its quiet and a bit closer to where we both work. This particular house location has the added bonus of being about ¼ mile from the entrance to the Schmid Preserve where I do a lot of my riding. Bonus! Of course I think the price is a bit high considering what the house looks like but it does come with a nice chunk of land so we may be calling our realtor so we can have a looksie. It doesn’t hurt to look right? A little further on in the ride, I met and old friend, the black shaggy dog. I hadn’t seen him in a while so I had stopped looking for him when I went through his turf. As a result, he managed to avoid detection yesterday until he was literally right on top of me. Thankfully it turns out that he’s a friendly dog and just out for a run because he was able to completely cut me off and I was forced off of the road onto the shoulder briefly. Thankfully I was riding the Van Dessel with cx tires because if I were on the road steed I’d probably still be picking gravel out of my arse.

This morning’s ride in was good, not stellar, but at least I was in the saddle. I did have one cool sighting though. About 15 minutes into the ride, as I crested a small hill, I saw a dead baby fox on the side of the road. It really bummed me out because Marcy has turned me into a complete weenie when it comes to such things. Just a bit further down the road I saw, what I presumed to be the mother, hunting on the side of the road. She immediately ran off when she saw me. Then, another five seconds down the road I see another juvenile fox cruising up the road towards me (and in the direction of its mother) with a chipmunk in its mouth. He looked so proud to be carrying that trophy back to mom. I quickly turned around, grabbed the camera and tried to get a picture but the little guy had already ducked into the tall grass. So, no pic but it was still cool to see.

FYI: today's title comes from the movie My Cousin Vinnie but instead of meaning "two youths" it refers to my two commutes.

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