Thursday, April 13, 2006

Slow Thursday

Not much to write about today, I'm taking a few days off of the bike so what to do, what to do?

For starters, Salsa has come out with a super sweet new single speed, steel 29'er. I know that I don't have any new bikes in my future but I soooooo want it! I have an idea that now that I have the Dos Niner, the little wheel Salsa SS won't get used too ofter. Time will tell.


Worked a bit on Marcy's Fuel last night. She's getting most of the parts off of my Fuel since I won't be using that anymore. When all is said and done, she'll have basically a full xt/xtr build with a sid fork and some bonty race lite ceramic wheels. I'll bet that the bike will lose a few pounds easily just from the wheels and fork.

nothing else to post so here is a pic of me!

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Jason said...

Are you and Jeff K. duking it out for most photos of yourself? HA! New Salsa is da shit. Not sure I could go rigid but a the Sliver Reba would look sweet. I planned on racing the El Santo next week, but I might be addicted to the Dos Niner. If just feels right. We'll see. Gotta spread the love. (why does that sound perverse?)