Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Not much time to ride recently so I hopped on the trainer for an hour after B-girl went to bed last night. I had hoped to do 1.5 hrs but its getting so damn hot in the basement that I couldn’t handle any more. We definitely need to get a fan for down there because I’m sure that my trainer days for the year aren’t over. Its just so much easier to hop on for a quick spin than it is to go out on the road right now. Plus, it seems easier to get my interval work done on the trainer. Its not as much fun but its better than no ride at all. If this is going to continue, I reallllllllly need to get some good cycling videos. Right now all that I have are some old vhs tapes of the tour that my mom made for me. The quality and volume are crap but its better than nothing. Try riding the trainer while watching sitcoms sometime, I bet you won’t do it again. There is just something about watching a good race that gives me motivation to spin. During exciting portions of races, say an attack on a climb or a sprint, I find my cadence kicking up a couple of notches without even trying.

I’ve been wanting to see “Off Road to Athens” for a while now, I’m not sure if its good to ride to but I’ve heard that it’s a great dvd.

I’m still waiting for word about the SRAM order coming in….patiently waiting…

I’m also having one hell of a time getting to my race weight this year. I’ve still got over a month before the first race so I’m not too worried yet but it sure seems to be tougher this year than years past. Maybe its because I haven’t shaved my legs yet. Who knows, maybe that is the impetus that I need. You really don’t want to have smooth shiny legs around here unless you’re supa fast cause you’ve gotta be able to outrun the rednecks who want to beat you senseless.

Some of the team Bikeman members are enjoying a week of riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, sure wish I were there. It looks like a fantastic place to ride, hopefully the fam and I will get down there for some riding/rafting/hiking. Here are a couple of ride reports from the group. Report 1, report 2

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