Friday, April 21, 2006


I had a couple of great rides in the past 24 hrs.  Yesterday, we were blessed with 60 deg weather and sunshine so myself and a coworker snuck out of work a bit early and rode our mountain bikes home hitting all of the single track on the way, ending up getting in just shy of 18 miles about 2/3 road.  Good times.  Its nice to have someone to ride home with, almost makes the road mile on the mountain bike bearable.  Almost…  After spending so much time on a road bike, those few miles with the knobbies on road totally suck.  Oh well, it’s the price I pay for some singletrack goodness.  Funny story about my co-worker (we’ll call him KWood), apparently a few years ago when he first moved to town some dude saw the bikes in his truck and asked if he was a rider.  They chatted and this dude (did I mention how handsome he must have been?) gives him his number to call sometime for a ride.  Well, fast forward three years, after agreeing to ride home with me KWood rummages through his bike stuff and finds the piece of paper the handsome dude wrote his number on and turns out it was yours truly.  I vaguely remember the whole incident but all I can say is why the hell didn’t he call me?  I could have had a new riding partner years ago.  Oh well, water under the bridge I guess.  At least we’ll be able to commute home together now.  

This morning I was blessed with 40 deg. and clear weather so I mounted the road steed and time trialed into work.  I was feeling guilty about bailing early yesterday so thought it would be best to take the most direct route in to get in a little extra time today.  It was a beautiful ride with lactic acid screaming through my legs.

Last night I went to a meeting for a new riding group in my town that I saw advertised in the local paper.  Other than myself and Mad Mike, the average of those in attendance was about 60 f’in years old!  I was a bit bummed to not find some new riding partners but it was sort of cool to see 20+ enthusiastic riders turn out to try to get some group rides going in the area.  I’m guessing (hoping) that with time the group will lure more, younger riders into the fold and give this area the shot in the arm that it needs.  We’ll see what happens.  I have graciously offered to start a blog (since there is no budget for a website) that will be the place for members to check out the weeks rides and download cue sheets for all of the recommended routes in the area (once they are made of course).  I started it this morning so there isn’t much on it yet but here it is anyway…Bike Great Salt Bay


Jason said...

Guys just NEVER call, you sit and wait by the phone for NOTHING! I'm through with them, from now on it's all chicks! :)

Glad to hear you're part of the "Silver Sneaker set" now. HA! Look forward to reading ANOTHER Rick Nelson Blog® You can never have too many.


rick said...

There will be no creative writing on this one, only cue sheets and schedules. The silver sneaks probably wouldn't appreciate my humor.