Monday, April 03, 2006

Jumped the gun

Turns out that I have jumped the gun on my presumed hub problem. You see, the hope P2 hub happens to be a cartridge bearing type hub that doesn't have anything holding it together like a loose bearing type hub (which is what I'm used to) so I guess that all that I have to do is press it all back together and I'm all set. Did I mention that my mechanical skills are limited? Well, I just proved it again.

Tonight I'll be hitting the trails with the single speed and the pooch. Chance has gained 10 lbs since B-Girl was born so its time to run some of the lard off of him. Fat bastard.

I'm also organizing a group ride from the office on Thursday night. There are a few "sort of" riders that I work with (one semi serious) who I hope to get excited about riding again. It'll probably be a pretty slow ride but I don't mind, its always nice to get to ride with new people and who knows, maybe somebody will get bitten by the bug and we'll have another bike crazy nut in the house...

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