Thursday, April 20, 2006

hookey wednesday

Played a little planned hookey yesterday.  Marcy and B-girl were home every Wednesday so I decided that I would join them this week since I was feeling the need from a break from work.  Turned out to be a pretty good day, got to spend some early morning time with Brynna, did some trail work, worked on the bathroom reno, got in a 2hr mountain bike ride, all in all a very nice day.  

The ride yesterday was pretty good.  I went out on my local trails with the pooch and things seem to be drying up fairly well.  There are still lots of wet spots but they are all short and easy to navigate.  I do have lots of work to do on one of the trails.  Its in a large stand of pines and every spring there are always tons of dead limbs to clear (which I’ve already done most of) and branches to trim back.  What is up with those dead pine branches???  Last spring and fall I went through and cut back what looks like dead branches, you know the ones that are all dried up and have no needles, only to find that this spring, they’re back in the path of travel.  WTF???  I guess that they must grow after all but what a pain in the ass.  I’ll have to get out there soon and clear it out and drag a rake across the trail while I’m at it.  I sure wish that there were more riders in the area because the trails would require less work by me if others were using them.  They also take for-freakin-ever to wear in.  Speaking of which I also worked a bit on a new trail behind my house yesterday, it’s a connector to bring me out to the main trails without having to hop in the car with the dog.  I’ve got it about halfway done now so hopefully in a few weeks it’ll be finished so I’ll no longer have to load the dog in the toaster before our rides.

I’m riding the mountain bike home tonight with a guy who works in the cabinet shop here.  We’ll be hitting all of the trails between here and home so it should be a pretty good ride.  I’m not sure of his abilities but I hear that he’s got a surly 1x1 so he must have a bit of a clue cause Surly’s are cool bikes.

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