Monday, April 10, 2006

Good weekend

Wow, what a weekend. Saturday started off a bit dreary but I was committed to a good ride on the dos, plus I had just installed the Salsa SUL stem to try out, so it was out the door I went. Turned out that the trails at Reid State Park were in great condition. Everything was wet but there were very few actual muddy areas. Reid seems to be perfect for that, there never seems to be any real mud, just mossy goop. The Dos was rockin on the rough trails. The Dos totally ate up one section of trail commonly know as the pipe line is brutally rough with large jagged rocks and roots. Typically a full on full suspension bike works best in that section (for me at least) but the combination of the soft tail and the 29” wheels on the Dos seemed like magic.

A section of the pipeline. The camera sort of flattens it out a bit but trust me when I say that it can be tough to ride.

It wasn’t quite as cushy as my Fuel but I think that once my tech skills are back in order I’ll be able to make better time over that section than I ever did with the Fuel. The larger wheels also seemed to work very well on the soft spongy trails at Reid allowing it to ride on top of as opposed to through some of the soft, mossy sections. I’m getting happier every day with my choice. Family obligations only allowed one lap, but it was a great lap and I was glad to be able to get out on a real tech trail to put the Dos through its paces. Mission accomplished.

Two Salsas, a Dos Niner and a Moto Rapido single speed.

On the way home, I stopped by Bikeman and picked up some sponsorship goodies, some Panaracer road training tires, some Slick-Willy lube and some Greyhound Juice embrocating sticks. All three were going to be put to the test on Sunday’s planned epic.

More on that tomorrow.

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