Thursday, March 30, 2006

Peer pressure

After an e-mail from team manager Big Gay Al and some coercion from Jason, I’ve agreed to start posting on the Bikeman site now as well. Not exactly sure how that’ll work and whether it’ll be the same posts as over here but we’ll soon find out. I’d hate to thin my already meager creativity into yet another blog (since I’m already stretched thin with this one and DAMNelsons) so my guess is that I’ll send occasional posts the bikeman way and keep up my typical lackluster posts here. Wouldn’t want to disappoint my legions of fans here now would I? Who am I kidding? I’m sure that I’ll have a bigger audience over at anyway.

Yesterday, I had a chance to get out on the Dos Niner for the second time and I think that I’m starting to get it dialed in. During the ride I was feeling weird and out of sorts. I couldn’t tell quite what it was but it was something bike related so when I got home last night, I took her down into the shop to check a few things out and sure enough somehow I had screwed up my saddle position. Turns out my saddle was 3”! too far back. That would explain why it felt like I was driving a tractor because the bike felt totally unresponsive. I think that I screwed it up while riding it last week, I made a saddle adjustment but I don’t think that I tightened it down completely thus allowing it to slide on the rails. Leave it to me and my wrenching skills to make the stupidest mistakes. Hopefully with that fix, I’ll be back on track. Gonna take her out for a ride tonight to see if that did it. I also have a longer stem on the way from Bikeman that I’m supposed to test for a month and give a review on. It’s the Salsa SUL stem. Should be killer. Its lighter than what I have now and with the longer length, it should dial in the fit just a bit more. Fingers crossed.



Jason said...

I thought you liked your saddle like that. Look at the pict with up against the E. It's practically the whole way back. Eesh. Big Gay South Park pict is great.

rick said...

yeah, when I went back and looked at those pics I smacked myself in the forehead. You'd think that I would have noticed it sooner!