Thursday, March 23, 2006

one more shot of the dos. I've been too damn busy with work and a sick daughter to ride it again but maybe, just maybe this weekend I'll get another ride in and get the suspension dialed. Posted by Picasa


Jason said...

Sweet ride man! I just waiting on my Wheel set from the shop and then they'll be shipping mine out. Sweet!

You're will be even better with the SRAM bling.

Sorry to hear B-Girl is sick. B-Man was sick last week. Hmmmmm.

Is that your Element?


rick said...

yeah, I'm excited to get the sram stuff hung off of it although it does ride mighty nice as a single speed... Yup, thats our element. As far as I'm concerned, the perfect mountain bike hauler.

Jason said...

How do the big wheels feel? I'm real anxious on how they're gonna be.

This bring the blogger/E owners to 3. Me, you, and Fatmarc. I LOVE mine, even slept in it at the 101 last year, but It might be short for this world, looking to buy something SSSSSSuper cheap so as to free up some coinage.

later, guess I should go to work.

rick said...

the big wheels felt natural, to be honest I hardly noticed them but they did seem to smooth things out a bit.

sorry to hear the element may be gone. We've also spent some nights sleeping in ours. Quite comfy if you can figure out how to get ventilation without letting the bugs in.