Monday, March 06, 2006


The dos is in the house. I'm still missing all of the sram and avid bits but at least it looks kind of like an actual bike now. The paint and pin stripping are sweet and I sort of feel bad about getting it dirty but whatcha' gonna do?

Check out how lucky here. The skewers actually match the adjuster knob on the reba perfectly. Super bling!

Me likes...

So, it appears that Jason is getting a Dos as well in addition to his El Santo. His build will be pretty similar to mine but since he's getting his sram bits the good ole fashion way, he'll be getting most of his parts before me! Unfair!!!!! Of course, Al mentioned that his reba and delgado rims are on backorder for a bit so I still have a chance at beating him on the build. I'm secretly (or not so since I'm mentioning it here) hoping that his stuff lags on backorder for a while. There is no way that he's going to have two new pimpin rides before I have my one... The race is on J.


Jason said...

Looks freaking SWEET!!! I will hate to get these rides dirty. How does the size appear?

Saw that email about the SRAM bits. Looks like SRAM is kicking the savings up though.

The race is on indeed. I just sent QBPs a fruit basket and six pack of beer. HA!

rick said...

funny enough, the frame lookes too small. enough so that I pulled out the tape measure but sure enough it is the right size. those big wheels throw you off.

Jason said...

Interesting. Anxious to get mine. I'm excited about the El Santo, but the Dos is a whole new ride. 2-9-Virgin.