Wednesday, February 22, 2006

no FWS

No FWS (Frozen Weiner Syndrome) on my way in this morning.  It was a bit warmer than yesterday (13 deg) but I think that the main difference came from the fact that I stuffed a Hannaford plastic grocery bag between my pants and shorts this time to work as a wind block.  Is seemed to do the trick with the added bonus of making me look a bit more well-endowed.  Sweet!  Shaggy dog tried to get me again today but I managed to outrun him although he is much, much faster than he looks.  That one road has more loose dogs on it than any road that I can remember ever riding on.  Its only about 5 miles long but on any given day there are 5 or 6 dogs that may give chase.  Thankfully, they all seem to be good dogs just looking for some excitement and not any angry Dobermans…

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