Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Freakin busy so here

Freakin busy so here is a quick rundown of the weekend:

Cold but fun road/cx ride on Saturday (15 deg and sunny, yeah!)

Cold but cold mountain bike ride before the Sunday BLIZZARD! with Marcy, Daddio, Chancy-pants and Pete.  About 12 deg. when we left but it was the wind that killed us.  Friggin cold.

More to come…


Jason said...

What no feet photos???

rick said...

ah, but my feet stayed nice and toasty. i see a cold weather gear post coming soon.

Jason said...

Nice forshadowing. Any sign of the Dos Niner?? Still pimpin the Titus on eBay. I need to sell before I change my f-ing mind again. HA!

rick said...

no idea yet. gotta get al on the horn to see when stuff is coming in.