Monday, February 27, 2006


Got word form Al at bikeman that the frames have come in on Friday.  I was somewhat overjoyed because I’ve been waiting for quite some time for it to arrive but the problem is that all of the SRAM/Truvativ/Avid stuff has yet to arrive so the frame will stay packed away in the bowels of bikeman until said parts arrive.  They’d better come soon.  Not only am I excited to have the complete bike but this will also be the first bike that I’ll put together from scratch myself (minus the headset since I don’t have a press) so it’ll probably take me a while to get it set up.  Its also the first time since my very first mountain bike over 10 years ago that I’ve had SRAM shifters so I’m not sure how difficult/tedious they are to set up.  I’m a pro at setting up shimano drivetrains now but not so much SRAM.  We’ll see how it goes.

The weekend went pretty well.  B-girl slept all of Friday and Saturday nights so Marcy and I got a full nights sleep both nights.  I’ve forgotten what its like to be rested.  Feels pretty good actually.  Saturday I didn’t get a ride in but I was able to do some ab work as well as a full circuit of Cyclo-core.  It had been a couple of weeks since I’ve rocked the cyclo-core so this time it rocked me.  I couldn’t get through any of the exercises without a quick 1-2 sec break but it’ll come back soon enough.  The hindu squats totally kicked my ass and I was feeling them on my Sunday ride with Mad Dog Mike.  Mike seems to go fast no matter what time of year it is and yesterday was no exception.  He put the hurt on me in sections but it was good to really work the legs.  Overall, it was a good exploration type ride with a few dead ends as well as one quick dip in the river for Mike.  Thank god for wool socks is all that I can say.  Without them, Mike would probably be hobbling around with fewer toes today.  I rode the moto rapido which is in full on ss mode now as opposed to its mongrel ss set-up that it has had for a while.  All of the shifters and derailleurs are gone (and on Marcy’s trusty steed) now having been replaced with a surly singlelator and a deda fang.  It’s nice not to have all of that extra crap on there and the bike looks much cleaner to boot.   We ended up with 2.5 hrs of supah-dupah fun.

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